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Plan Your Virtual Career Fair Outfit in 30 Seconds or Less

Get ready to dress for success with these easy-to-follow tips about what to wear to a virtual career fair.

So, you've registered for a virtual recruiting event! You've signed up for sessions, got your talking points all planned out, done your research on the employers you'll meet, and given your roommates the "I need you to be quiet for a few hours" talk, but now comes the hard part: deciding what to wear! If you're stumped about what to wear to a virtual career fair to make the best impression on employers, have no fear: it's more about what not to wear.

When you're planning your virtual career fair outfit, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Avoid sweats, pajamas, and gym clothes. Business casual works best for these events!
  2. Keep the focus on you. Leave the busy patterns or statement accessories in your closet; these won’t translate well on video. A plain buttoned shirt or sweater will work a lot better.
  3. Test your outfit on video before event day. That way you can avoid any embarrassing mishaps!

Watch the video below for a few examples of what not to wear to a virtual career fair, and you'll be ready to dress for success.

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