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Discovering your career, Handshake student stories

Opening Doors: Fulfilling career goals

Biola University graduate, Eliana Vogel, shares how Handshake opened doors in her career.

We spoke to real college students about how Handshake helped them open doors in their careers. Read and follow along in this five-part series.

Meet Eliana Vogel, a recent Biola University graduate and a longtime user of Handshake. She got a job on Handshake that was integral to her being able to follow longterm career goals. Handshake enabled her to open doors in her career and connected her with a job that allowed her financially to follow her dreams of working in the medical field.

Handshake was really instrumental in opening doors for me to find my current career path because it provided me with a way of narrowing down my search options when I was looking for a job and I could connect with employers and send my resume all on one easy platform. The income from that job allowed me to open the door to support myself when I looked for my job as a medical assistant, which is a more a long-term job as I continue on to obtain my PhD.


Check out Eliana's story through her own words below!

One simple action on Handshake could change the course of your career path—be it a 1:1 session with an employer, a job offer, or a new meaningful connection. Open doors in your career now.

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