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Messaging Employers On Handshake Leads to Jobs

With so many eligible applicants, finding a job is a competitive process. Learn how to get an upper hand by messaging employers on Handshake.

In a sea of applicants, sometimes it’s hard to stand out to employers. With so many amazing students like you looking for roles, having an advantage never hurts. Handshake’s messaging features make it easy to contact employers and get the upper hand you’ve been searching for. 

Handshake is the only platform with a network of employees that have actively made themselves available to students. These employers want to speak with you and help you along in your career. Find your next connection on Handshake!

Why should I message an employer?

Not only does it communicate that you’re a self-starter, but messaging an employer first can give you an inside scoop on the job you want. Employers know what the role requires and can answer your questions ahead of time. This insider knowledge can prepare you for interviews and arm you with information that’s not listed in the job description. Find a job role that interests you and make the first move!

What should I say to an employer?

After you’ve found an employer that interests you, you then have your chance to let them know why you’re interested and why you’d be a good fit. Start off with a friendly opening and tell them a little bit about yourself and where you want your career to go. Keep the content of your message in alignment with the job role that you’re applying for. And ask questions! Curiosity about the role is a good sign to the employer that you’re genuinely interested, and a question is more likely to get you a response back.

After you’ve taken these steps and sent those messages, you’re set up to get the job of your dreams.

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