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Handshake student stories

How a Handshake Message Turned Into a Summer Internship

Brittanie Rice, a Spelman College junior, shares her experience landing an Under Armour internship through Handshake.

While the tech industry continues to break barriers and grow in exciting ways, so does the need for diverse ideas and opinions. A strong leader cut from a different cloth is essential to expanding representation in tech and bridging the gap between accessibility and innovation. Though the demand for these voices to be heard is present, not everyone can waltz their way into a position when interested recruiters seem few and far between.

Brittanie Rice, double majoring in computer science and Spanish, found herself in a similar position during her sophomore year at Spelman College. Her other friends were landing internships in their respective fields while she watched months pass her by with zero interested employers.

Enter Handshake.

A message from an Under Armour recruiter popped into her inbox encouraging her to apply for their program and the rest is history. From moderating technology department panels to placing top three in Under Armour’s Summer Rookies final presentations, Brittanie has started her path of diversifying IT – a future leader making waves in her chosen field.

“I use Handshake because it is the bridge that can connect you to opportunities that you never thought that you would have, but can change your life.”

Brittanie Rice, Spelman College

Now instead of worrying about the process of finding a job, she’s receiving praise for her work and getting high-fives from the Chief Digital Officer of her company after presentations. And now with the perspective she’s gathered, Brittanie is just as willing to hand out tips to fellow students in positions similar to where she was previously – paying it forward and becoming a Handshake champion.

One message from a recruiter turned into a role for her to thrive and develop her skills in – an example of the many connections that have been fostered on Handshake in light of a more communicative and tailored job application experience. The future should be a place of dynamic creation with many faces on the frontlines and Brittanie is another key reason to look forward to it.

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