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A young woman sitting in a wheelchair in a cafe using her laptop. She has a small smile and appears optimistic about what she sees on the screen.
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Your guide to navigating the job search with a disability

Experts from Lime Connect share advice about handling disclosure, requesting accommodations, and more in the job search process.

With over a fifth of US undergraduates reporting a disability and even more whose conditions go undisclosed, there is a major resource gap for college jobseekers with physical, mental, and neurological conditions as they strive to build meaningful careers. Lime Connect, a not-for-profit organization rebranding disability through achievement, aims to change that. They support, prepare, and connect high-achieving professionals and university students—including veterans—who have all types of disabilities for scholarships, leadership programs, internships, and full-time careers with leading employers.

During Mental Health Awareness Month 2024, Handshake and Lime Connect joined together for a virtual event all about navigating the job search with a visible or invisible disability. During the session, Lime Connect's Senior Engagement Manager, Alissa Brower, shared invaluable insights about:

  • identifying companies that foster inclusive environments
  • recognizing red flags during your search
  • deciding whether, when, and how to disclose your condition during the hiring process

You can access the full session recording below to get even more insights from Alissa about navigating the job search with a disability. For those who would benefit from closed captions, simply pause the video and click the CC button at the bottom right-hand corner for the video to enable them.

If you are a student with a disability, you can join the Lime Community for free to build a network of other aspiring professionals with disabilities, receive 1:1 career coaching, and access resources and events to help you throughout your career.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius via Pexels

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