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Job Roles

Explore Job Roles: Lawyers

Learn about the average salary, relevant studies, related questions, and common path after college to becoming a Lawyer.

What is a Lawyer?

Lawyers are people who practice and apply the law in their roles as advocates, attorneys at law, or other related positions.

Where does a Lawyer work?

  • Law offices
  • Government
  • Public interest firms

How much does a Lawyer make?

Based on real new grad salaries reported through Handshake, the median annual salary for a Lawyer is $93,000.

What majors are typically interested in becoming Lawyers?

One’s major doesn’t necessarily determine their career, but these are some common majors of those who end up pursuing this career path.

  • Political science majors
  • Philosophy majors

Lawyer skills and competencies:

On top of a relevant degree and formal training, here are some professional skills that can help aspiring Lawyers succeed in their work:

  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Ability to advise your client to the best of your abilities
  • Public speaking

What are some common questions about Lawyers?

Q: What does a Lawyer actually do?

A: Depending on the type of law that the Lawyer practices, they will apply their knowledge of the law and its practices to advise/represent clients or companies for civil proceedings.

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