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Job Roles

Explore Job Roles: Architect

Learn about the salary, studies, and path to becoming an Architect.

What is an Architect?

Architects are people who design new buildings and work to restore or maintain older ones. Oftentimes, Architects design and then oversee the construction of buildings.

Where does an Architect work?

  • Architectural firms
  • As architectural consultants through an agency

How much does an Architect make?

Based on real new grad salaries reported through Handshake, the median annual salary for an Architect is $50,504.

What majors are typically interested in becoming Architects?

One’s major doesn’t necessarily determine their career, but these are some common majors of those who end up pursuing architecture jobs.

  • Architecture majors
  • Design majors

Architect skills and competencies:

On top of a relevant degree and formal training, here are some professional skills that can help aspiring Architects succeed in their work:

  • Background in advanced math
  • Knowledge of design software programs
  • Familiarity with rules and regulations of the architecture industry

What are some common questions about Architects?

Q: How long does it take to become an Architect?

A: Depending on what major you’ve chosen for undergrad, becoming an Architect can take anywhere from eight to 12 years.

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