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Interview tips

Interview Pro Tips: How to nail a technical interview

Allstate provides expert guidance to help you prepare for your next step in the recruitment process.

Hungry for new strategies to nail your next interview? We were, too, so we asked the experts at Allstate to break it down in this series.

When interviewing for a specific position, you might be asked to participate in technical interview as part of the application process. If you're wondering what exactly a technical interview is and tips for how to prepare for one, read on!

How to make a great impression in a technical interview

Technical interviews are common during the recruitment process for roles that require a very specific skill set, such as software engineering or data analysis. “A technical interview will vary depending on the organization but may include a behavioral descriptive interview (BDI), analytical algorithms/coding section, and a predictive modeling case study,” Allstate describes of the process. If you’re invited to a technical interview, expect to dig deeply into your technical skills!

Allstate looks for three main things in candidates during technical interviews: an analytical mindset, communication and collaboration skills, and potential for growth. Most organizations that conduct technical interviews will be assessing these same qualities! Here are some top tips that Allstate provides to incoming technical interviewees to help them put their best foot forward during the allotted time.

  1. Focus on the details: “Be prepared to talk in detail about technical skills and knowledge listed on your resume.”
  2. Stick to what you know best: “Code in the language you are most comfortable in, whether that’s Python, R, SQL or something else.”
  3. Tell—don’t just show—your work: “Coding interviews are different than working in isolation. When completing practice problems, also practice explaining your techniques and thought process while working through a coding solution.”
  4. Invite collaboration while you work: “The interview should be interactive, so talk through what you are thinking. Your interview team does not expect you to get to a perfect solution right away and is prepared to help you work through the problem together.”
  5. Ask clarifying questions: “You may not have all the information you need to come to an answer right away, and that’s okay!”
  6. Don’t rush yourself: “Take your time and take notes if you like.”

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