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Top 10 Internships for Psychology Majors

Considering studying psychology? Check out these 10 possible internships for your major!

Happen to find yourself analyzing the folks around you–maybe wanting to understand more about your family, friends, role models, or even your own pets? If you’re considering a role in the field of psychology, then you’re definitely not alone in your interests. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, majoring in psychology is among the top five choices for undergraduates.

You might be attracted to the versatility and customization this path offers, or simply want to satisfy your curiosity. No matter your motivation, majoring in psychology can equip you with skills for your future career, opening the doors to research, counseling, lab management, and many more careers.

Psychology Skills

Psychology, defined as the study of the mind and behavior, pertains to humans and all of their intricacies. To intern in roles related to psychology, it’s important to consider which skills might help you succeed.

One such skill is communication. When interning in this field—especially in research-heavy roles—you will need to relay your findings through effective communication and reporting. You'll also need to stay cool under pressure when dealing with situations outside of your comfort zone. To get the most out of your role, it's key to have a genuine desire to learn about other people, an even temper, and an unbiased opinion.

It’s also important to be open-minded. Not only does this quality aid your own personal relationships, but it also widens your perspective and allows for better critical thinking. If you’re working with people from different backgrounds or other age groups, having a holistic view of human connection is extremely beneficial.

Up ahead, explore some psychology internships that you might be interested in pursuing in the future.

1. Community Clinic Intern

For those who might not know what they want to do in the world of psychology, interning at your local community clinic is a great first step! With the varying needs that you'll see at the clinic each day, there's a chance that you could find a niche you're passionate about while working there. You'll be able to serve your community directly and gain work experience at the same time.

2. Research Assistant

Research assistantships are probably the most sought-after positions for psychology students due to their wide range of concentrations. Because of how many different types of “research” take place in the field of psychology, options for this type of internship span over many specialties, and typically involve assisting a professor or scientist in their work. As as assistant, you'll have the opportunity to learn trade tricks, gain industry knowledge, and network with others in your field.

3. Social Work Intern

As a social work intern, one of your main concerns will be supporting the needs of children and families. As an intern, you'll be working under an industry professional who might task you with researching reports, thinking critically about client needs, and posing solutions to real problems in the work place.

4. School Psychologist Intern

School psychologist internships are great for those who feel called to help counsel students and assess their needs. In a role like this, you'll work both with children and adults on strategies to help care for students. To succeed in this work, you'll need a great deal of patience and a deep commitment to learning.

5. Correctional Facility Psychology Intern

If you're looking to get out of the lab and widen your world perspective, consider applying to a correctional facility psychology internship. In this role, you'll work with people you might never have gotten a chance to meet in a more clinical setting. As an intern, you'll collaborate with your program's staff to brainstorm and implement new program curriculums and policies.

6. Clinical Research Intern

Like a research assistant internship, this role involves directly assisting research in a given field; however, in this internship you'll be working in an environment aimed more at analyzing medical solutions. This role typically includes recruiting research participants and organizing data, along with helping develop solutions to problems based on the research findings.

7. Child Developmental Intern

Interning in a developmental setting puts a huge emphasis on researching, testing, and attending meetings to further the knowledge of cognitive development. A keen and observant eye are key in this role, and you should be comfortable working around both babies and senior-level researchers.

8. Forensic Science Intern

If you're interested in the field of forensics and crime research, this type of position could be a great career kickoff. Forensic science interns are typically tasked with both administrative and hands-on projects, including both writing and research.

9. Psychology Teaching Assistant

Feeling called to pursue a career in higher education? Applying to be a TA for a professor in your desired field is a great way to start down your teaching path during your undergrad studies. You'll get hands-on experience leading classes, grading assignments, and holding office hours with students where you can counsel them and their needs.

10. Sports Psychology Intern

In a sports psychology internship, it's a given that a general understanding of athletics/sports performance is highly valued. In this role, you'll conduct plenty of research on sports and athletes, and might even have the opportunity to propose experiments and present your findings.

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