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Get hired remotely

3 easy ways to stand out to recruiters online

Discover some easy ways to up to make a good impression.

In a post-COVID world, recruiting and career fairs have moved more online in many cases. Ahead, discover some easy ways to up your game and stand out to recruiters online.

Introduce your authentic self through online profiles

In virtual settings, you can’t rely on the usual handshake, smile, and personal introduction that might serve as your career fair secret weapon. Instead, you need to replicate this same sense of genuine connection with recruiters online. The best way to do that is by reflecting who you are through your online profiles! Complete your Handshake profile with more than just the basic must-haves: showcase your extra-curricular activities, your completed coursework, your volunteering, and your unique skills. Consider adding a profile picture to help put a face to a name when applying for jobs or internships!

Showcase your work digitally

One of the major benefits of online recruiting is that you have more of an opportunity to showcase your work at the very start of your interaction with any recruiter. If you’re into coding, writing, design, or any other pursuit that results in a visible output, it’s important to make that easily available to hiring managers who might be searching for somebody with your skillset! Consider creating an easily accessible digital portfolio of your writing clips, including links to websites or apps you’ve created on your Handshake profile, or designing elements of your resume PDF to showcase your work front and center.

Communicate proactively

You can’t stand in the corner at a career fair and hope that somebody comes to find you — so why would you do that online? Put yourself out there with recruiters by sending messages on Handshake, engaging with their organizations on social media, and attending their virtual events. If a prospective employer reaches out to you first, demonstrate your professionalism by responding promptly and politely; even if you’re not interested in their role, you never know what may come up down the line! By maintaining friendly correspondence with a recruiter, they are more likely to keep you in mind for another position that may be a closer fit.

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