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How to Find Internships With Housing

Finding internship housing has never been easier.

Landing an internship as a college student can be a thrilling and rewarding experience! You get to learn trade skills and grow yourself as a career professional. However, sometimes you may land an internship in another city and find yourself needing housing while you’re an intern. Some programs offer housing for their interns and others don’t! Finding housing can be tricky in a new city, so check our tips for making sure your internship has housing and if it doesn’t, how to find housing in your new city!

How do I find an internship that includes housing?

When looking for an internship that includes housing, start by looking for roles through your university. Your career counselor can point you in the direction of internships with housing–even internships through school where dorm housing is an option. Also make sure that you’re using key terms like “housing” when searching on your own.

How can I tell if an internship offers housing?

Usually if an internship program offers housing they'll state it directly in the application. Before you even apply you should check the internship details to see if housing is offered and where their housing is located. If you’re still unclear about the details, don’t hesitate to email the company you’re applying to directly to clear the air.

Where can I find housing during my internship if it’s not offered?

Popular housing sites for summer interns are:

  2. Zillow
  3. Hotpads
  4. Craigslist
  5. Join a Housing, Rooms, Apartments, and Sublets group on Facebook for your particular city

What are some good cities for interns to live in?

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