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Discovering your career

How I found the right career fit

Not every career path is linear. Handshake students share how make realizations about their career and how they found the right career fit.

Finding the right career fit can be quite the journey. Not every path will be the same and not every job will be the perfect fit. But taking what you like and what you dislike about a role can be useful in finding that perfect job later. By trying out new jobs or internships, you may learn more about yourself and the job preferences you have.

Find out what you don't like

Sometimes working a role you don't end up loving can actually be helpful in the long run. Handshake user Sydney Abbate found a job through Handshake but came to the conclusion that it wasn't for her.

It wasn't exactly when I was meant for, so that was eye opening. I did that [role] for a little while and then realized that sales isn't really my speed. But I don't think that was not a positive part of my journey. I think that it helped me realize what I don't want necessarily from a career which I think can be valuable as well.


Using your own lived insight can aid you down the line when it comes to applying for other jobs. When applying for other jobs, Sydney can take that knowledge about what she doesn't like and filter for things she's passionate about instead.

Understand what you do like

Similarly, before using Handshake, Hannah Moskowitz wasn't sure what field she wanted to go into. As a journalism major, she knew that she wanted to work in media, but wasn't sure which role was right for her. It wasn't until an internship in PR and content creation did she realize that a different career might fit her better.

That internship was really my first chance working in social medial, PR, and content creation. And that internship basically set it up so I knew that I wanted to go down a different path–be more strategic communication and less reporting.


Equipped with that information and experience, Hannah went on to filter for jobs on Handshake that actually fit her career goals.

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