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Your Guide to High School Internships

Still in high school and looking for a way to get valuable career experience? Look no further than a high school internship!

If you’re in high school and wondering about what the future might look like, you might be considering the job you’ll have or the university you’ll attend. There are many paths you could take, so it might seem overwhelming at first. Whether you have many interests you want to explore or already know what you want to do, consider a high school internship to gain skills and broaden your perspective.

Interning in high school is a great idea for students who want to get ahead of the curve. Not only will you get a head-start on your skills, but it also reflects well on college applications and during job interviews.

What are internships for high school students?

Despite not being talked about frequently, there are a wide variety of internships for high school students out there. Depending on your interests and skills you want to cultivate, there are a few great options out there for you.

Here are some organizations where you can apply for internships if you’re still in high school:

  • Girls Who Code
  • NASA
  • Microsoft High School Internship
  • Stanford Medical Youth Science Program
  • Bank of America Student Leader Program

How can a teenager get an internship?

High school internships can seem a bit overwhelming if you’ve never held a job or internship before. But that shouldn’t discourage you from getting out there and building up your skills for later on in your career.

Some tips for getting an internship as a high school student:

  1. Create a resume and have a teacher or parent look it over. If you don’t have one yet, check out some tips on writing a great one!
  2. Consult your school’s counselors about tips and tricks they have for getting an early start on internship applications for that school year.
  3. Research places in your city that you might be interested in working for. Check their website for their mission and values, and inquire if they take high school interns. Even if they don’t, it never hurts to ask about their history and if they have tips for breaking into that type of business in particular.

How to include high school intern experience on your resumes later in life?

Later on in your career, you’ll have more internships and jobs to list on your resume. But in the meantime, listing a high school intern experience can greatly benefit your resume. Simply list the title of your internship in your experience section and describe the tasks that you did! You might even be able to list one of your supervisors as a reference on your resume with their consent!

How do high school students find summer internships?

While not as widely advertised as internships for college students, summer internships for teens are definitely out there! A great place to initially look is through your high school. If you speak to your teachers about interests you have and that you’re looking for an internship, they might have a lead on where to apply. Another great way to find high school internships would be to reach out directly to businesses or companies that you’re interested in. Sending an email or visiting the business in person to inquire shows great motivation to learn and get started.

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