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Handshake student stories

Handshake Student Success Before And During COVID-19

COVID-19 shifted how students find and apply to jobs. Handshake celebrates the wins of students who have used virtual events to succeed.

COVID-19 and the impact on college students

Adjusting to virtual school back in March of 2020 was something that impacted each college student differently. COVID-19 restrictions changed graduation ceremonies, final exams, and rescinded job and internship offers. In a world that felt so disconnected, students still found ways to bridge the gap and continue on with their career goals.

With so much of their time spent online, students found a way to make their recruitment process a little easier. Some students even said that the virtual networking events felt more comfortable than attending in person! Attending career fairs and interviews in a virtual setting allows each student to take advantage of playing on their home turf.

“It was less nerve wracking to have virtual interviews because I could get everything set up. I’d be in my own space [during the interview]. And there’s also distance between [me] and the interviewer when it’s through a screen. I felt less nervous.”

Arpita, Emory University

Why virtual works for college students

In a pre-COVID landscape, Arpita Gaggar, junior at Emory University, was working as a Bio Lab Prep Assistant. By using and applying on Handshake, Arpita had also previously secured two other work study jobs as a Counseling and Career Services Marketing Intern and as a SciOx- Scientific Magazine Writer and Editor.

After COVID hit, Arpita decided to focus on her studies more. While dedicating herself to her schoolwork, she also began using Handshake for virtual career events–enjoying both one-on-one and group sessions at the events. Even attending some virtual interviews for clubs and scholarships.

In a post-COVID landscape, Arpita hopes to take her education and work experiences to healthcare consulting. She states, “COVID has been highlighting so many inequities and different ways that the healthcare system is broken down into.” With such a clear vision ahead of her, Handshake eagerly awaits Arpita’s future of bringing knowledge and accessibility to the public.

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