Discovering your career

Finding Your Career Advisor Could Mean Finding Your Career!

A career advisor might just be the person you need to see to decide on your next career step.

A career advisor is someone who may work in the career services center of your college. Just like the title entails, career advisors advise you to make the best decisions for your career and ensure your success.

While academic advisors help students find the right major, consider the right career path, set career goals, and ensure their success it’s mainly in the context of their academics. When students ask the inevitable:

“How do I find a high-paying entry level job?”

“How do I get a paid internship?”

“What career should I pursue? 

“And what do I need to do to get there?”

Academic advisors kindly refer them to their campus career services center. Sure, an academic advisor may be able to answer these great questions, but a dedicated career advisor or career services center will not only have the answers, but tools beyond the scope of an advising appointment.

Your career advisor can…

Help you match your skills, values, and interests to your career

The career you eventually pursue should line up with all three! One of the most commonly overlooked attributes when selecting a career is values. Australian psychologist Sabina Read says, “values are relevant to every domain of our life; from work and managing people, to parenting, decision-making and relationships,” and when values are ignored, we “feel eroded, frustrated, resentful or empty.” Imagine eight hours a day of that!

You don’t need to dig deep to find a good career fit by yourself.  Not all career advisors have access to in-depth assessments, but they can certainly help you evaluate your career needs to find the right career.

Teach you the art of interviewing and networking

Whether you’ve never interviewed or you consider yourself an interview guru, no two interviews are the same. A career advisor can help you prepare for that next interview’s curveballs. They might even be able to set up a mock interview for you with relevant questions to give you an edge over other competitors. 

You can also find out about on-campus career fairs and networking events through your career advisor. Let them know if you’re feeling a bit nervous or worried about attending one and they might be able to offer workshops or opportunities to practice.

Help you write a killer resume and cover letter

If you have a career services center on campus, you likely have access to Handshake. In addition to helping students find internships, plan for life post-graduation, and connect with other employed students, Handshake provides help with resume and cover letter writing. Once uploaded, your college’s career advisor or career services center reviews your document and sends feedback to prepare for submission. 

There are so many ways you can seek help, and this list is in no way intended to be exhaustive! Check to see what your college can offer you. If they don’t have an on-staff career advisor, there’s a good chance you’ll still have access to campus-wide events, fairs, workshops, and more resources that are just as helpful.