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Hiring on Handshake

50+ Black-owned and led companies for students to follow

Dozens of Black-owned and Black-led companies hire students and young alumni. Follow these companies to discover your next career move.

Handshake's goal has always been to connect students of all backgrounds to meaningful careers and help build diversity in the workplace.

Below, check out 50+ Black-owned or Black-led (Black CEO) companies across diverse industries that have hired students who are on the Handshake network. This list includes Fortune 500 companies, dozens of fast-growing startups, and non-profit leaders. Explore this list, then log into Handshake and search for the companies you're interested in. Hit "Follow" to receive notifications about upcoming opportunities. You can also reach out to peers on the Handshake network who have worked at these companies for more information.

If you know of more Black-owned or Black-led businesses that hire on Handshake, please email us at

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