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10 Entry Level Marketing Jobs to Look for on Handshake

Learn about common entry level marketing jobs and how to find them on Handshake.

Marketing is a general term that encompasses a wide variety of career paths. If you’ve majored in marketing, business administration, or a related field, you may be wondering what your options are for an entry level marketing job. Here are descriptions of ten common entry level marketing jobs and tips for finding these types of roles on Handshake.

Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants support an organization’s marketing team in planning, executing, and tracking the performance of marketing campaigns and programs.

What does a marketing assistant do?

A marketing assistant’s responsibilities may include:

  • Helping marketing managers plan and implement marketing campaigns
  • Writing content for a variety of platforms including social media, website, and email
  • Analyzing data to track campaign performance
  • Supporting the marketing team on projects
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Coordinating marketing events

Public Relations/Communications Coordinator

A public relations (PR) or communications coordinator helps PR or comms managers promote and shape the public’s perception of an organization through content, press releases, public appearances, and media opportunities for company executives.

What does a PR or communications coordinator do?

A PR or communications coordinator’s responsibilities may include:

  • Monitoring the organization’s press coverage
  • Writing and editing press releases
  • Managing media contact lists
  • Creating coverage reports for PR team initiatives
  • Researching reporters, publications, and industry trends
  • Tracking press opportunities and speaking engagements for executives

Marketing Analyst

Marketing analysts conduct research, analyze data and report on an organization’s audience/consumers, competitors, industry, and marketing efforts.

What does a marketing analyst do?

A marketing analyst's responsibilities may include:

  • Collecting and analyzing data about consumers, competitors, industry, and more
  • Creating reports to present data findings
  • Developing research proposals
  • Conducting research
  • Measuring and reporting on marketing campaign performance

Social Media/Digital Marketing Coordinator

Social media or digital marketing coordinators help create content to build an organization’s presence online. They also track engagement and interact with an employer’s followers.

What does a social media or digital marketing coordinator do?

A social media or digital marketing coordinator’s responsibilities may include:

  • Creating a variety of content for social platforms
  • Identifying trends and opportunities for growth
  • Building a social media strategy
  • Analyzing results of social and digital marketing campaigns

Account Coordinator

Often part of a marketing or advertising agency, an account coordinator helps to manage client accounts and campaigns.

What does an account coordinator do?

An account coordinator’s responsibilities may include:

  • Serving as the point of contact for clients
  • Researching potential accounts and following up on leads
  • Managing client database
  • Drafting sales proposals
  • Coordinating meetings for the account managers
  • Creating promotional materials such as presentations and demos

Sales Representative

A sales representative identifies and pursues new clients or customers for an organization. They also serve as the primary point of contact for prospective clients.

What does a sales representative do?

A sales representative’s responsibilities may include:

  • Researching and generating leads for prospective clients or customers
  • Reaching out to prospects through cold-calls and emails
  • Building relationships with new and prospective clients
  • Giving sales presentations for a product or service
  • Meeting regular sales goals

SEO Specialist

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist optimizes the search engine performance of an organization’s online content and web pages.

What does an SEO specialist do?

An SEO specialist’s responsibilities may include:

  • Researching and identifying relevant keywords for web content
  • Setting goals for clickthrough rates, traffic, and conversion on web pages
  • Monitoring and analyzing search engine performance of web pages
  • Tracking trends with keywords, SEO strategy, and major search engines
  • Collaborating with content creators and blog writers
  • Writing content to improve SEO performance

Media Assistant

A media assistant helps plan and implement advertising campaigns across digital, print, and or broadcast media channels.

What does a media assistant do?

A media assistant’s responsibilities may include:

  • Managing advertising contracts, invoices, and budgets
  • Assisting media campaign planning
  • Monitoring media to ensure correct ad placement appears
  • Pulling and analyzing media reports
  • Researching audiences and media channels

Content Marketer/Copywriter

Content marketers and copywriters help plan and develop an organization’s marketing content and strategy.

What does a content marketer or copywriter do?

A content marketer or copywriter’s responsibilities may include:

  • Contributing to content strategy and planning
  • Researching an organization's audience, industry, and market trends
  • Creating content to engage audiences
  • Writing for a variety of mediums including blog, social media and video
  • Tracking performance of content for page views, click-through rates, and more
  • Contributing to SEO marketing

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing managers help engage audiences, increase brand awareness, and more through email communication.

What does an email marketing manager do?

An email marketing manager responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting in email strategy and planning
  • Building and managing contact lists
  • Managing email campaigns
  • Testing email messaging, copy, and design
  • Analyzing and reporting on email performance

What are the best entry level marketing jobs?

That depends on your interests and skills. The best entry level marketing job for you is one that allows you to use your strengths to reach your career goals.

For instance, if you’re an extrovert with excellent customer service skills, you may consider a public relations or account coordinator role.

However, if you prefer to let your creativity shine and want to spend most of your time building content, maybe a marketing assistant or social media coordinator role would be right for you.

How to find entry level marketing jobs on Handshake

Follow these steps to find the right entry level marketing job for you on Handshake:

  1. Add the types of marketing roles that you want to pursue to the job preferences section of your profile.
  2. Get the latest job and employer event alerts by downloading the Handshake app from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Save jobs you want to apply for. That way you’ll receive important notifications, and your recommendations will surface similar entry level marketing roles.
  4. You can also save your job searches. You’ll be notified when employers post new entry level marketing jobs that match your criteria.
  5. Follow employers you like, so you’re the first to know when they post new entry level marketing jobs or virtual recruiting events.

Log into Handshake now to start looking for entry level marketing jobs.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.

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