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Nolan Harris, President of Field Operations at Handshake
Team Handshake

Why I joined Handshake: A letter from our President of Field Operations

Nolan Farris shares why Handshake's mission, culture, and team make the company the right next step in his career.

I am thrilled to join Handshake as President of Field Operations.

In the many conversations I had with Handshake's CEO, Garrett Lord, and many members of the company's leadership team, I immediately recognized how well-positioned Handshake is for success and I am excited to lead the Go-to-Market team and expand on the incredible success of the last ten years. I came away from these conversations feeling strongly aligned with the company, and a few things stood out for me about why Handshake is the right next step in my career.

Dedicated to the mission

I have over 20 years of HR Tech experience inside job search, compensation management, and employment-related businesses. I started at Yahoo! HotJobs as an Account Executive and in my nearly eight years there, grew to become the Sr. Director of National Accounts. I then spent almost 15 years at Indeed, where I capped off my time as the Chief Revenue Officer for my final four years. My own career is a testament to the power of robust internal mobility opportunities, managers and leaders who believe in growing strong talent internally, and the impact of early career decisions on professional development outcomes. I am proud to be leading the team that will work closely with our employer partners on these initiatives and more, at companies of every size across the US.

I also believe strongly in the Handshake mission to give all students the chance to build the career they want. As a proud alumnus of a small, liberal arts college (go Union!), I am personally familiar with some of the struggles that can come with not graduating from a widely recognized college or university. Students require comprehensive access to information and tools to confidently kickstart their careers and find the right employer for them. Handshake has taken great strides in these areas, helping countless students launch meaningful careers. I’m honored to join the team and make a difference in the lives of those just starting their career.

Inspired by the culture

Work is about so much more than simple business outcomes, and I’ve always made an effort to champion a company’s culture and support of its employees. Handshake’s culture is strong, with a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs, or what Handshake calls “Communities”) for employees of various identities—women, employees of African descent, employees who are neurodiverse or experience mental health conditions, and more. At Indeed, I was proud to serve as the executive sponsor of the Black Inclusion Group, and I hope to find opportunities for similar levels of involvement and investment at Handshake.

Excited about the team

It was abundantly clear, over the course of my conversations, that Handshake has an incredibly strong team in place, across all functions. The combination of historical success, mission, culture, and the opportunity to join a talented, hungry team make this decision to join Handshake an easy one! We have ambitious goals for 2024 and beyond and I am excited to celebrate the continued growth and success of Handshake with you all. I can't wait to get started!

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