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Team Handshake

What’s It Like to Work at Handshake?

Three sales team members share their stories.

Learn. Grow. Repeat. — one of six core values here at Handshake — is put into practice every day by our Sales Development Team. Through mentorship, training, and one-on-one coaching, our team is dedicated to each Sales Development Representative’s (SDRs) growth. One way we do this is by making sure that SDRs aren’t spending all of their time just cold calling and appointment setting. They’re actively learning and making an impact while working toward becoming Account Executives (AEs).

As our team continues to grow, we’re hiring SDRs to support our stellar team of Enterprise AEs, like Anthony Gilmore, who works with some of our biggest accounts and top companies. “Handshake’s commitment to students attracts people who build an open, curious, and caring culture,” says Anthony. “Whether you have previous SDR experience and want to quickly get to the AE level or are looking for a start in tech—I would encourage you to apply to Handshake. We have the opportunity to work with the best companies in the world, and mentors who truly care about you."

Meet three Employer Partnership team members who are sharing their perspectives of what it takes to be a successful SDR at Handshake. If you’re ready to reach new heights in your career and be part of an outstanding sales program, we want you to join us!

Aninditaa Agarwal

Aninditaa Agarwal

Why did you join Handshake’s SDR team?

After graduating from college, I wanted to explore a career in sales. Handshake was particularly interesting to me because it’s at a rapidly growing startup, so there's a great balance between having structure and the ability to be creative and implement new ideas. And it’s such a mission-driven organization. I really like the ability to interact with some of the biggest brands while also making a difference in students’ lives.

What's your favorite part of the Sales Development Program?

My favorite part is the people. Not only is it a well-thought-out program with numerous opportunities for growth, but everyone is invested in your success and career progression. Since the team is still fairly small, there is always opportunity to innovate and help shape how the program evolves.

Why would you encourage people to join Handshake as an SDR?

I would encourage people to join because of the immense opportunities to learn and grow in your career. You are exposed to and get ownership of so much in this role. If you put in the work, you’re able to move as quickly as you want. The Employer Team, in particular, is expanding rapidly, which means you’ll be joining at an exciting time during the company’s growth.

Janessa Pinon

What makes Handshake’s SDR program different from other tech companies?
As an SDR, you develop real sales skills because the qualification of each account is a big deal. It’s not the typical cold calling and setting up a meeting for an AE, and then moving on. SDRs at Handshake have to think strategically and conduct a thorough qualification call before it moves on to an AE. It really sets you up for the next stage in your sales career.

What makes a successful SDR at Handshake?
You have to think creatively and work hard. Every effort of outreach counts tremendously in order to keep up with the Employer side of our business. My number one piece of advice is to always ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone on the team—they’re here to help you get better and continuously grow.

Christian Rhodes

Christian Rhodes

What's your favorite thing about the Sales Development Program at Handshake?

The SDR team at Handshake is amazing—everyone is so hungry to learn and grow. For salespeople who are young in their careers, it’s the best place to begin and have opportunities to be exposed to other areas of the business. Cross-functional work is extremely important at Handshake, and this role is a great place for that.

Why would you encourage people to join Handshake as an SDR?

The Employer partnerships team here at Handshake is world-class. The leadership is not only focused on hitting company goals, but also on the growth of everyone on the team. We have an awesome feedback and growth-minded culture that is transparent and productive, which allows everyone to constantly be learning from peers.

Learn more about what it takes to be a successful SDR at Handshake and apply or refer a friend today.

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