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Team Handshake

Why I joined Handshake: a letter from our CFO

Handshake’s recent CFO hire Brian Kreiner shares how the mission, people, and opportunity at Handshake drew him to the team.

Why I joined Handshake

Last week I started a new journey as the CFO at Handshake. I am beyond excited to be joining.

If you follow the company, you may have seen some of its recent accolades, events with speakers like Malala Yousafzai, and news on the latest fundraise.

All of that is incredible, and a testament to the hard work of the team. But what attracted me to Handshake was what is underneath that: the DNA that makes this company unique. That is what made this a truly special opportunity.

The mission

Talent is evenly distributed, but as we know, opportunity is not. Handshake is changing that, fundamentally transforming how companies recruit and hire early talent.

Handshake has a slogan: “no luck required.” I love that concept. When I think back on my professional career, there was a lot of hard work for sure—but I wouldn't be where I am today without some luck as well.

Making opportunity available for all and democratizing the recruiting and job-seeking process can be life-changing for those making their early professional steps. And if we win, the world is a better place. That’s an incredibly rewarding business to build.

The opportunity

It is also tremendously exciting to think about what we can do when we rethink an inefficient system for all the members of our community: young professionals, universities, and employers.

We are creating a better system to help students find the right opportunity, enabling universities to offer better outcomes and support, and helping employers find the right person for the right job. As someone who loves thinking about marketplace mechanics and how these pieces all fit together, that is really fun work. We are just scratching the surface here, and the future is bright.

The people

Meeting the team only got me more excited. From the first conversation, you can feel the genuine passion behind the mission: the founding team’s passion and tenacity in launching the company; the leadership teams’ commitment and capability; the shared vision and mission throughout the company.

Getting to build a life changing business with an incredibly committed, passionate, and smart team? Sign me up!

Let’s do this!

Oh, and by the way: I should probably mention that we’re hiring across the company! To all you finance-oriented folks out there, please reach out if you’re interested in helping to build this amazing company with me.

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.