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What's New on Handshake: October 2021

Learn how to build meaningful relationships with students with new features like Virtual Info Chats.

The pandemic has fundamentally transformed how Gen Z approaches the talent market. But these digital natives are comfortable relying on virtual mediums to build their professional network—and are already seeing the benefits in doing so.

According to our Handshake Network Trends report, more than 8 in 10 Gen Z job-seekers believe that digital connections sparked by messages will lead to a job opportunity.

But for employers looking to build more meaningful relationships with students, the challenge with virtual career events is that they leave little room for informal conversations. That’s why this fall, we made major investments into tools that make it easier to create employer-student relationships.

Check out these new features for employers on Handshake.

Connect with students one on one with Virtual Info Chats

Connect with students one on one with virtual info chats

Students will see the option to message you or book a 15-minute time slot with you if you choose to be contacted

According to recent Handshake usage data, candidates who engage with employers one on one are 36% more likely to apply to a job. To make it easier for employers to connect with early talent at scale, we recently launched Virtual Info Chats on Handshake to facilitate those first connections.

Virtual Info Chats are 15-minute video sessions that you can host directly within Handshake to proactively build relationships with interested students, get them excited about your company and jobs, and raise awareness of your employer brand to improve application conversions. Start using Virtual Info Chats by adding your availability calendar to a job or a bulk message.

Available for all employers on Handshake Premium and Core.
Connect with students one on one with virtual info chats

When it's time to meet, log into Handshake and navigate to the "Schedules" tab to start your Virtual Info Chat directly in Handshake

Give candidates the option to message you directly

In addition to Virtual Info Chats, employers can give students the option to message you directly through your company profile and job postings. In fact, 80% of alumni believe that reaching out to an employer first may lead to a new job opportunity according to our Handshake Network Trends report.

Now, you can ensure an open line of communication with your candidates by encouraging them to reach out to you directly to learn more about your roles and company. Learn how to update your account settings so that students can message your team through your company’s public staff list on Handshake or make yourself messageable in your job posting.

Available for all employers on Handshake Premium and Core.
Allow candidates to message you directly

Make your profile visible on your company profile through your account settings

Reach any candidate with Public Links

We recognize that not all of your candidates have a Handshake account; maybe they don’t attend a school that’s using Handshake, aren’t on the Handshake Open Network, or don’t have a .edu email address. That’s why we’ve made links to Employer-hosted Schedule time slots public so students who don’t have a Handshake account can still engage with your company.

With Public Links, you can expand your reach beyond Handshake—while keeping all of your schedules and events in one place.

Available to Handshake Premium partners with Event Manager.

Get in touch to learn more about these features and how Handshake Premium can improve your early talent recruitment strategy.

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