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What’s new on Handshake: June 2022

Streamline your recruiting process and save time when sending messages with these new features on Handshake.

Here at Handshake, we're always rolling out product enhancements to make early talent recruitment even easier for you and your team. Check out what’s new this month!

Integrate with Workday to streamline your recruiting process

On average, recruiters spend 14 hours per week on manual tasks—like distributing job posts across platforms and manual data entry. And yet 90% of recruitment data contains errors—making it difficult to track how your recruiting activities impact applications over time.

To save you time while improving data consistency, we’re excited to announce that Handshake now integrates with Workday. Now, you can automatically populate job information and track how many of your hired applicants were proactively recruited on Handshake through activities like campaign messaging, events, and career fairs.

Available for employers on Handshake Premium with ATS Integrations.

Connect Handshake with Workday for one seamless recruiting experience

Specify the format of your events

Despite the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, hybrid recruiting has been constant. With 97% of employers opting for an all-virtual or hybrid recruiting strategy this past spring, clearly distinguishing whether an event is in-person or virtual can make or break its success.

For that reason, you can now specify the format of your events on Handshake. Not only does this make it even easier for students to find and register for your events, but also gives you additional insight into your event performance by event format—in person, hybrid, or virtual.

Available for all employers on Handshake Premium and Core.

Clearly distinguish whether an event is in-person or virtual

Save time when sending messages on Handshake

With fall recruiting season around the corner, finding ways to improve team efficiency is critical. But sometimes, seemingly small workflow enhancements that shave off a few minutes here and there can have a major impact on overall time saved.

To give you the extra time back, you can now attach jobs, events, career fairs, availability calendars, and even team members to bulk messages on Handshake. Rather than copy and pasting links into your message, you can add these directly to your message using the paperclip symbol.

Available later this month for employers on Handshake Premium.

Attach jobs, events, career fairs, availability calendars, and even team members to your bulk messages

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how these releases and Handshake Premium can help you expand access to jobs and unlock a whole new generation of talent. Already a Handshake Premium partner? Email your Account Management Team to learn how to start using these features.

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