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What’s New on Handshake: February 2022

Understand your job post performance and collect more information from candidates at your next event with these new features on Handshake

Here at Handshake, we're always rolling out product enhancements to make early talent recruitment even easier for you and your team. Check out what’s new this month!

Understand your job post performance

Ever wonder how many students can access your Handshake job post at any given time? And how many of those students would be a good match for that job in the first place?

To answer these questions and more, we’re thrilled to announce our new Job Overview tab, your one-stop-shop for understanding job performance. Now, you can see exactly how many applications you are receiving over time and how many students in Handshake can access your job. Plus, you’ll receive helpful recommendations to improve your job’s performance and get more applications. And for Handshake Premium customers, you will be able to see how many students have viewed your job—and how many of those were the result of your outreach.

Available for all employers on Handshake Premium and Core.

Through the Job Overview tab, Handshake Premium customers will be able to see how many students have viewed their jobs.

Collect more candidate information during your next event

We recognize that not all of your candidates have a Handshake account; maybe they don’t attend a school that’s using Handshake, aren’t on the Handshake Open Network, or don’t have a .edu email address. But when it’s time to check people in for your next event, we want to ensure that you can collect as much attendee information as possible for additional visibility into candidates’ backgrounds.

That’s why the Event Manager check-in kiosk now requires non-Handshake users to provide their school in addition to their major and graduation year. Now, you’ll have all of your event registrant information consolidated within your RSVP tab—regardless of who attends.

Available for employers on Handshake Premium with Event Manager.

Prep for hybrid career fairs with our new playbook

As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, you may be worried about missing out on connecting with qualified candidates this spring. What’s the right recruiting model that will land the best results this spring? In-person career fairs and events, virtual career fairs and events, or a hybrid of both? With Handshake’s Career Fair Playbook, learn how to create a robust career fair strategy using the latest trends, best practices, and our recommendations for career fairs this spring.

Download Handshake’s Career Fair Playbook and feel free to share with your team!

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how these releases and Handshake Premium can help you expand access to jobs and unlock a whole new generation of talent. Already a Handshake Premium partner? Email your Account Management Team to learn how to start using these features.

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