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What’s new on Handshake: August 2022

Prepare for hybrid career fairs and access new user roles with these new features on Handshake

Here at Handshake, we're always rolling out product enhancements to make early talent recruitment even easier for you and your team. Check out what’s new this month!

Configure your team’s user roles on Handshake

With fall recruiting season around the corner, you need to equip your team with tools to hit the ground running. But with so many individuals involved in the recruiting process—from sourcers and recruiters to hiring managers and alumni advocates—meeting each role’s specific needs can be challenging.

Customers with Handshake Premium now have access to configurable Premium user roles later this month. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to user roles, you can adjust permissions for each role—for instance, a recruiter would have different permissions than an alumni advocate. You can even add new users with permissions automatically applied.

Available later this month for all employers on Handshake Premium.

Empowering students to find events they care about

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, events are an excellent way to connect with candidates. According to a recent Handshake survey of over 1,500 students and alumni, 85% of candidates prefer to attend a career event before applying to a job.

To help candidates find events that they care about most, we’re excited to let you know about the newevent discovery page for students. Now, Handshake job seekers can search for events by employer, filter events by format (in-person or virtual), and save events that they’re most excited about.

Available for all students with a Handshake account.

Prepare for hybrid career fairs with our playbook

As students head back to campus this fall, you may be wondering how best to connect with qualified candidates this fall. With Handshake’s Career Fair Playbook, learn how to create a robust career fair strategy using the latest trends, best practices, and our recommendations for career fairs this fall.

Download Handshake’s Career Fair Playbook and feel free to share with your team!

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how these releases and Handshake Premium can help you expand access to jobs and unlock a whole new generation of talent. Already a Handshake Premium partner? Email your Account Management Team to learn how to start using these features.

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