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Turn candidates into hires with Handshake Events

Learn how Handshake Events streamlines your team's workflow at both in person and virtual events and fairs, and helps you measure impact.

You know campus recruiting isn’t the same as it was before the pandemic. Students expect a hybrid candidate experience that offers the best of both worlds. Which means the ability to engage students both in person and virtually is essential for your early talent recruiting strategy.

You also know events are a major lever of campus recruiting. An effective, end-to-end events strategy helps you engage candidates face-to-face, seamlessly track interactions, and quickly convert candidates to new hires.

But did you know you can use Handshake Events to do all of these things—and more?

Learn more about Handshake Events.

Handshake Events is an end-to-end system to help you schedule, evaluate, and track candidates both on and off campus, and throughout all stages of the hiring process. In the hybrid world we now live in, Handshake Events includes an app that enables you to seamlessly bridge your before, during, and after event and fair activities—for the whole team.

In spring 2023, 65% of virtual fair attendees were students of color. To equitably recruit diverse early talent, you must maintain a virtual events strategy to compliment in person activities.

Use Handshake Events to drive efficiency across hiring events and career fairs

You’re too busy during peak recruiting seasons to be burdened by administrative work. Here’s how you can use Handshake Events to make your job easier, and more effective:


  • Configure check-ins and track all candidate touch-points across virtual and in-person events.
  • Plan a full slate of in-person and virtual interviews and follow-up meetings from a single page.


  • Focus on getting to know candidates during events and fairs—rely on the app for instant access to student profile.
  • Give your team instant, low-bandwidth access on-the-go to evaluations on the app, so they can stop worrying about switching devices to take notes.

Follow up

  • Manage multiple interviewers’ schedules from a single command center.
  • Send scheduling links directly to candidates to speed up the next stage of your hiring process.
  • Improve the impression made by your talent brand with the ability to follow up with students faster after a fair or event.

Measure ROI

  • Connect event data with hiring data in your ATS to understand the impact of your event investment.
  • Get a detailed, automated monthly report of your organization’s event, fair, and scheduling performance.
  • Compare RSVP and attendance rates, and get granular DEI data, to improve promotion and participation decisions for future events.

“Before Handshake, we were using so many systems for every part of the recruiting process. [Now,] Handshake serves as our one-stop-shop for all of it; I can do everything in one place.”

Tiffanie Rice, Comerica Bank, Vice President of Workforce Diversity Engagement, Diversity Recruitment, and External Diversity Relationships

Hire qualified early talent efficiently, while exposing students to your brand. Find out more about Handshake Events.

Make it easy for students to meet you at events and fairs on Handshake

Given 75% of college students in the US have access to Handshake, you can engage them throughout their college-to-career journey and provide a seamless experience with your brand.

Students can RSVP, check-in, and even attend events and fairs virtually (or in person)—without ever leaving the Handshake ecosystem

Students use Handshake to:

  • Access all types of events and fairs in Handshake.
  • Get notified of upcoming events and fairs.
  • Receive guidance on events from their career services centers.
  • Receive messages before, during, or after an event or fair from employers.
  • Check in to fairs and events using their Handshake app.

“Handshake has brought a wide variety of different companies to my doorstep, making the entire process easier. It's really broadened my horizons while also giving me opportunities to connect with employers and school information, such as career fairs…Three years ago I would have never thought to attend a career fair, but I have seen that valuable connections can be made through them.”

Logan, Oakland University, Computer Science ‘23

To prepare for back to school season, get a school strategy framework to approach hybrid recruiting.

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According to a Handshake student survey, 87% of students prefer to attend an event before applying to a job.* Whether in person or virtual, use Handshake Events to simplify your tech stack, make data-driven decisions, improve student’s experience with your brand, and hire qualified talent, faster. With 16K+ events on Handshake last year alone, it’s the single-source platform that elevates your recruiting strategy and delivers results for your early talent pipeline.

*Handshake internal study (WSW), December 2022; n=1,692

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