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Access to opportunity

The college recruiter’s role is changing

Innovative approaches to offset traditional early talent recruiting practices.

There was a time when recruiters just had to hit their numbers and fill seats with talented graduates. Traditional approaches worked for filling seats — but led to traditional applicants and traditional hires.

But, all of that is changing. Entry-level recruiting is now critical to building a winning organization in the long term. Just take a look at these few data points below to see just how important this change is today:

A lot has changed in the workplace, and organizations are re-evaluating the essential functions that make up their foundation. The best organizations are looking to college recruiting to deliver on these three dimensions of long-term performance. To that end:

Imagine a world where college recruiting is…

  • Viewed by leadership as a key component of building company talent and culture.
  • Delivering an authentic and engaging candidate experience.
  • Building a diverse, high-performing team.
  • Data-driven from planning to execution to tracking.

The good news is this world exists today. We know because we see leading companies using college recruiting, and Handshake specifically, as a competitive advantage every day in ways that help them achieve those outcomes.

Creating opportunity for all

You know this: Within a globally competitive organization, recruiting should be held to the same standards as any business function within the organization — constantly, relentlessly innovating and utilizing cutting-edge technology at every turn.

We believe every organization deserves the opportunity to create diverse, culture-driven organizations filled with high-performing candidates who are engaged from day one. We also believe that talent lives in every nook and cranny of the country. We are here to help you discover it — to uncover hidden gems in unexpected places.

We’ll dive into the key areas you need to be thinking about to transform college recruiting in our upcoming posts, from employer brand to proactive sourcing.

If you want to discuss your university recruiting strategy sooner, get in touch!

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