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Handshake Talent List helps organizations target skilled talent—at scale 

Less search and more find with Talent List.

The growing pressure to outpace your competition in innovation is only matched by the competition for the best talent—within budget.

Every department’s initiatives bubble up to the C-suite’s, which, in a 2023 Gartner survey of CEOs, revealed that the top 3 were: growth, tech initiatives, and workforce investments.

Talent acquisition plays a critical role in all 3 of those areas. So naturally, every department has critical talent demands. But supply in the form of both resources and qualified candidates is creating a shortage.

That’s where early talent acquisition is a competitive edge.

Talent acquisition leaders can save hundreds of thousands by investing in early talent with the needed skills rather than more experienced peers. Hiring Early talent is a fiscally responsible strategy—Handshake makes it easier than ever to target highly skilled candidates at scale with Talent List.

But first, where is Gen Z looking to find their jobs?

The class of 2023 is entering the workforce during a period of rapid change. As a result, they’re adjusting their job search:

  • 47% are applying to more jobs
  • 36% are opening their job search to more industries, companies, and roles
  • We saw a 10% drop in respondents who said brand was a factor
  • More than 7 in 10 would prefer a hybrid work arrangement

They’re confident in their skills and ready to keep learning—3 out of 4 members of the class of 2023 are interested in developing new tech skills—such as data analysis, product management, and information technology—in the next few years in addition to their non-technical majors. In fact, more than 80% of 2023 graduates majoring in non-tech fields have experience with one or more tech skills, such as data analysis or information technology.

What does this mean for employers? There is a wide pool of diverse, skilled, multi-passionate, dynamic talent to tap into to achieve their short-term and long-term business goals. If a pipeline of qualified talent is worth its weight in gold, Handshake’s Talent List is your metal detector.

Want to learn more about Handshake Talent List for your business?

Recruiting at scale without specificity is expensive and inefficient. Today’s talent market is competitive, especially for tech skilled talent. Employers need to be able to specifically target to find the right profiles who meet exact qualifications, wherever they may be.

That’s why Talent List is helping your team source more, qualified applications faster.

With Talent List you can engage relevant candidates, expand your network, and efficiently filter to your needs. This means you’re giving applicants a 1:1 recruiting experience that builds brand resonance—at scale.

Talent List helps your team:

  • Work smarter. Quickly and efficiently filter the 12M+ students active on Handshake and Analyze the skills and experiences of your future candidates.
  • Source faster. Filter by school, major, and geographic region you can thoughtfully prioritize your future campus recruiting investments.
  • Save time. Algorithmic prioritization ensures you’re spending your time viewing candidates who are highly engaged and likely to respond to your business.
  • Build relationships. Candidates are automatically prioritized by likelihood of response, helping you save time and ensure you build relationships with highly-engaged candidates.

Talent List is about more than just filling the role you have open today: it’s the secret weapon in your pipeline, providing personal, direct outreach at scale to the right talent to speed conversion at all stages of your search.

Find today’s competitive edge and future leaders on Handshake

The key to the future is a sustainable workforce and talent pipeline. Talent List scales with your business as Handshake’s direct integration with EDUs provide a continually growing and sustainable source of talent.

Tech talent is exploring new industries and open to new locations outside of traditional tech hubs. Gen Z is on the move, but the one place your guaranteed to find your next quality hire is on Handshake Talent List.

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