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Save time recruiting away from the office with Handshake Premium

Learn how Coyote Logistics saves time away from the office by building a digital talent pipeline.

To help them achieve their mission of matching more than 10,000 shipments every day, UPS-subsidiary, Coyote Logistics, employs approximately 3,000 people across 20 offices worldwide.

The leading global third party logistics provider partners with Handshake to help fill their job shadowing and internship programs, as well as full-time sales and operations opportunities with competitive candidates from the largest early career talent network.

With Handshake Premium, Coyote Logistics is able to proactively source and build relationships with their ideal talent segments to fill openings and future opportunities, resulting in higher quality applicants, less time spent away from the office, and a more engaged talent pipeline.

Thanks to the robust analytics and industry insights Coyote’s SVP of Human Resources, Jody Hall, gets out of Handshake Premium, Coyote’s recruiting team is also able to prioritize how they spend their budget, and choose to focus their efforts on promising digital initiatives.

Watch what Jody & Laura had to say about Handshake Premium or read the transcript below.

Recruit qualified early talent candidates from the comfort of your desk. Learn how Handshake Premium can enable your team to make smarter decisions while saving time away from the office.


Jody: I’m Jody Hall from Coyote Logistics, SVP of Human Resources.

Laura: My name is Laura Butus. I am the manager of recruiting at Coyote Logistics.

Jody: At Coyote, we do an internship as well as a job shadow. The internship is over the summer months, [and] it’s really targeted for future hires who are looking for people to come in and have the opportunity to learn about the role, participate, understand the culture, and really get to know what Coyote is all about.

As Coyote has grown, so has our need to attract top sales talent across the US, now into Europe and Mexico as well.

Laura: We were realizing that career fairs were kind of becoming a thing of the past, and it was a little bit tougher to capture some of that talent on campus or interest because it’s so saturated. So what we’ve been able to do is create Campaigns in Handshake by way of creating Segments of students that we think would be qualified, reaching out to them early and often.

Handshake Premium is such a great tool for us because we’re able to capture a lot of different talent across all of these different roles.

Jody: The analytics have been really great, too, from a financial perspective and being able to get that budget.

Laura: We’ve seen a large increase in applications.

Jody: Those applications have also been of better quality because of our targeted outreach and our ability to connect with candidates across a broader audience. Today it’s more of a conversation with the candidate as opposed to more transactional type of work.

They already know what Coyote is all about and we’re able to come in and immediately start to talk about things that are more important to them.

[Handshake Premium has] allowed us to do the recruiting from our desk, which is hugely valuable to us as recruiters because we don’t have enough time in the day.

—Laura Butus, Recruiting Manager at Coyote Logistics

Laura: What I would tell people who are considering getting Handshake Premium is that it is absolutely worth a look because it will help to connect you with a diverse and wide range of students who are qualified across campuses in the United States.

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