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Early talent trends

Is Gen Z ready for reopening?

Reimagine how you prepare for reopening by getting ahead on the latest trends from Gen Z.

As the world prepares to reopen, Gen Z weighs in on what they’re looking for from employers and who they’re leaning on for support during this transition.

To help employers better meet the needs of students during this time, Handshake surveyed over 3,000 students between January and March 2021. Here’s what we found.

Is Gen Z ready to return to the office? See where students stand.

A quarter of students are looking forward to returning to the office immediately with 3 in 4 saying they’re comfortable returning within the next year.

Students realize the office will look a little different than before the pandemic.

And as a result, are bringing new expectations into the workplace with them.

Employer Tip: Be transparent about how you plan to keep students safe and healthy during this time through your outreach and on your Handshake Employer Page.

On the fence about reopening? Gen Z has expectations for remote work, too.

Here are the benefits students would like to see to be more successful (in order of importance).

What’s your stance on society’s most pressing issues?

Gen Z wants to know how you’re addressing important issues before applying.

It’s not about who Gen Z knows, but who they want to meet.

Students want to hear directly from people who are closest to the role.

Employer Tip: Position hiring managers and employees as digital ambassadors, so they can easily establish connections with the candidates who want to hear from them.

What makes a specific job or internship relevant to Gen Z?

The majority of students say interest in the job or industry or alignment with their major makes a specific job or internship relevant to them.

Yet their decision to take a job isn’t reliant on role, industry, or major alignment alone.

Gen Z also considers the role's responsibilities, benefits and perks, and COVID-19 procedures.

Put insights into practice with these three ways to improving the student experience.

Reimagine recruiting

Take a hybrid-first approach to early talent recruiting.
Handshake can help you thrive in the age of reopening.

Recruit smarter with Handshake

Stay up-to-date on the latest early talent trends.