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Employer spotlights

Increasing candidate engagement using Handshake Premium

After switching to Premium, Alight Solutions noticed an 80% increase in early talent applicants.

A couple of years ago, human capital and management consulting firm Aon Hewitt's outsourcing unit spun off to form Alight Solutions. With the organization’s rebrand came a set of growing pains to their employer brand, raising the need to generate awareness for Alight Solutions’ mission, products, and services among customers and prospective hires—including college students and recent grads.

During Handshake’s Early Career Summit, we sat down with Cara Adkins, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager and LeighAnn Standridge, Lead Campus Recruiter at Alight Solutions, to learn how Handshake Premium helped their team tap into their new employer brand.

By proactively engaging their ideal talent segments, Alight Solutions noticed an 80% increase in their early talent applicant pool and a 50% increase in on-campus interviews spring-over-spring.

Watch what Cara & LeighAnn had to say (or read the transcript):

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Some of the main challenges we were experiencing before moving to Handshake Premium were having to use more of a manual process to source and find our candidates.

Now, we're able to leverage the power of Segments & Campaigns to really narrow down to great candidates and are able to reach out to them simultaneously making everything a much smoother process.

Before using Premium, we were leveraging [Handshake] to post jobs. We weren't really using it for candidate engagement as much as we are now with the Premium.

This [Spring 2019] alone, we were able to do a comparison from last spring and we've seen an 80% increase in our applicant pool. Specifically, for on-campus interviews we had a 50% increase in the amount of people that we were able to interview on-campus this year due to using a segmented campaign.

“We're able to use the platform now, and with the click of a button, reach thousands of students at one time and to hone in on a specific segment of a student, whether its diversity, campaigns, or any other initiatives that we're looking to capture.”

–Cara Adkins, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Alight Solutions

If I had to use one word to describe Handshake, I would use innovative. It's just really helped us develop a new strategy of how we go to campus from a virtual standpoint as well as physically, and has been a really great tool for our team.

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