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Handshake Honor Roll: Announcing June 2022 winner

Who won this month's Handshake Honor Roll? KPMG University Recruiter Team Lead Shelby McNary.

We’re thrilled to announce this month’s Handshake Honor Roll 2022 winner: Shelby McNary, University Recruiter Team Lead at KPMG 🎉

In our interview with Shelby, she shared some of the learnings and wins in her near-20-year run with KPMG! From starting as an Audit Associate to leading a team of University Recruiters – Shelby has amassed a wealth of valuable and insightful experience. Among her most notable wins, Shelby shares her work as co-lead of KPMG's Virtual Career Series (virtually run networking events where students across the country can learn more about the firm). Read the full interview below to learn more!

👉 What makes this award extra special this month? KPMG was just announced as an Early Talent Award Winner! We’re thrilled to celebrate the strides Shelby and her team have made in launching early talent careers to new heights. Learn more about KPMG and their win here!

Congratulations, Shelby and the KPMG team!

What was your first job outside of college and how’d you find it?

I started my career as an Audit Associate with KPMG 19 years ago and have been here ever since! While being with the same company seems extremely unique these days, it’s very common at KPMG to be able to keep growing and obtaining new opportunities within the firm.

Why are you passionate about recruiting early talent or increasing DEI?

It’s seeing the growth and development of those I’ve hired over the years. Young professionals, I met at career fairs in their sophomore or junior year, starting out as interns, not knowing where the bathroom was, have gone on to become great leaders today.

I just love seeing the potential in individuals and watching them grow and develop.

How did you land in your current role? What’s your favorite part of the job?

In the almost 20 years I’ve been a part of our University Talent Acquisition team, I’ve held a variety of roles. Currently, I lead a team of our University Recruiters in ensuring KPMG is the firm of choice on campuses across the country. As the heartbeat of the UTA organization, our University Recruiters bring extraordinary enthusiasm, passion and creativity into their work. Working alongside them really gets you excited about the work you’re doing, helping new talent find their fit.

What are some accomplishments you’re particularly proud of this year?

This year, I’m proud to have co-led our Virtual Career Series, which are virtually run networking events where students across the country can learn more about the firm. Since we can’t physically have people at every great university out there, these events have helped us reach new candidates interested in the great opportunities KPMG provides. And, since all students have access to the same information before applying, it helps level the playing field for everyone.

Who are your heroes?

I’ve been lucky to have several internal mentors at KPMG who I could consistently turn to for inspiration. These individuals include my current and former leaders in UTA as well as our client serving partners. They were crucial to my growth as a professional, providing me with the opportunities to take on new projects and the support I needed as I developed into the professional I am today. Plus, they’re always my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to celebrating my accomplishments.

What advice would you offer to today’s jobseekers?

Get involved! Attend the recruiting events, both virtual and in person. Learn about the company you’re applying for and the roles available to you. But most of all, enjoy the process and the people you meet along the way!

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