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Fall for smarter recruiting features from Handshake

Smarter recruiting features for employers, including Handshake Open and our first ATS integration.

See What's New in Handshake's Fall '19 Product Release

What’s so inspiring about my colleagues at Handshake is their ability to empathize with our partners. They do this by listening to their early talent needs, learning about the efforts that drive their success, and working with them to overcome obstacles before they get in the way.

Last fall, we launched Handshake’s Talent Engagement Suite (TES)–an early talent recruiting solution part of Handshake’s Premium offering– built to help busy recruiting teams stand out among their competitors by proactively driving ideal candidates to jobs and events, highlighting personalized brand stories, and driving decisions rooted in data.

Now, we’re expanding this suite of features to help you tackle just about everything that comes next, like your on-campus and virtual events this upcoming recruiting season.

Tracking on and off-campus engagement across your candidates journeys.

Ever had to juggle multiple systems while you’re busy engaging candidates on campus? Why should you need one platform for checking students in, another for taking notes, and a third for follow up? We took the need for multiple solutions out of the equation and came up with a seamless one to help you keep track of on and off-campus activity.

Employer Event Management couldn’t have come at a better moment–just in time for fall recruiting. With Employer Event Management, you can check-in, take notes, and follow up with every single student at your events–even if they don’t have a Handshake profile.

As part of our Fall '19 Product Release, we also launched a Direct ATS Apply feature with Greenhouse–the first of its kind–providing students with a smooth transition between Handshake and your native ATS, ensuring you never lose sight of your candidates journeys.

Empowering every student attending any school in America to “find their next.”

The biggest game-changer in our lineup is Handshake Open. For the first time ever, employers will be able to recruit students attending any school in the US–the result of a thoughtful review of our mission and vision for how we wanted that to evolve.

This means we opened our platform to all students from 4-year colleges and universities this fall and plan to continue growing our partnership with a wider range of educational institutions in the years to come.

Learning from 4.5 million active students and 420,000 employers on Handshake.

We regularly ask students, schools, and employers on Handshake for input to understand ways early talent recruiting can be more accessible. Feedback on Campaigns–a Handshake Premium feature that enables employers to drive students to their jobs and events through smart segmentation, outreach, and reminders–stood out most.

Many students who felt that they were unqualified for a job received an invitation to apply from that employer anyway, applied, and got hired. It blew their minds that recruiters reached out to them in the first place, making the entire process less intimidating for students to navigate.

We also learned that the number one feature students wanted on Handshake is the ability to connect with peers beyond the recruiting team, including hiring managers, engineers, and ambassadors. They craved peer-to-peer insight and visibility into organizations from people they trust–like alumni from their school–along with friendly reminders so that they never miss a Campaign.

When we spoke with employers, we learned that the world’s most innovative companies were already connecting students with peers, but had no way of measuring this impact.

Our team incorporated all of these responses to produce smarter, more personalized features, like Role-based Access, which enables employers to invite any of their colleagues onto Handshake to review applicants and support events without having access to recruiting-critical functions like posting jobs and managing Campaigns.

Smarter, more personalized Handshake Premium features on display in our new product lineup just in time for fall.

Digital early talent recruiting is an iterative process.

In line with many of our customers, one of our core values at Handshake is to “Learn. Grow. Repeat.” This means we work hard to close the gap between what we know and need to learn to be more successful in our mission, with data-driven insights serving as our north star.

We know our partners are excited about these updates, but we’ll continue assessing feedback, engagement, and adoption to ensure that employers are harnessing the power of these new features so that they continue to have a positive impact on students and universities.

For a full rundown of all the features now available to recruiters on Handshake, check out our Fall ‘19 Product Release lineup.

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