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Case Studies

UMN shares resources & training with cross-functional partners

The University of Minnesota amplifies student career resources across their large, decentralized campus.

During her tenure in Employer Relations at the University of Minnesota (UMN), Raquel Anderson developed two bespoke newsletters that share training and best practices with stakeholders across UMN’s large, decentralized campus.

The Career Backpack (CBP) is a biweekly newsletter filled with social media content that gets career resources into over 240 partners' hands—like distributed career offices, academic advising, provosts, athletics, and greek life—who can amplify Raquel’s message on their offices' social channels. Regularly featuring content about Handshake, this initiative creates career ambassadors across the UMN ecosystem. In addition to seeing content shared on social platforms, CBP content has made its way into presentations for career courses as well.

More recently, Raquel launched the monthly GoldPASS powered by Handshake Update (GU), which helps reinforce important Handshake best practices—how to’s, fun facts, and more—to over 1,200 student-facing staff members across UMN’s distributed career offices. The team has also seen success double dipping and sharing the Handshake data fun facts via social media.

Fun fact: After learning about Handshake profile completion rates through GU, UMN’s College of Biological Sciences leadership team decided to more deeply embed Handshake training into their curriculum.

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