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Spring 2022 Roadmap Webinar

Learn more about Handshake's recently released and upcoming product updates for this Spring!

As we all navigate another unprecedented spring, Handshake is focused on helping our partners tap into their unique skill set—highlighting unique opportunities, convening students and employers, and activating their alumni network.

We encourage everyone who wasn’t able to attend the webinar to review the recording below. To summarize what was discussed, Handshake will be focusing on 3 product themes this spring:

1) Increasing access with curation and trust

We have a vision to increase your students’ access to opportunities while embedding your team’s expertise into the network. Soon, you’ll be able to signal boost employer partners with a unique connection to your institution. Meanwhile Handshake will handle employer validation.

Interested in learning more about signal boosting? Register for signal boosting office hours here to learn about how it works, plus hear members of our Signal Boosting Advisory Board discuss how they’re planning to implement signal boosting at their institutions.

2) Career services as conveners

With almost 70% of schools taking a hybrid approach to event and fair planning, we’re here to support you in tracking and nurturing student and employer relationships whether they’re formed virtually or in-person.

We’re also aiming to make it easier for students to search for relevant events and send follow up messages after virtual fair group sessions.

3) Unlocking your alumni network

We’re making it easier for your team to track, nurture, and connect with their expanding pool of alumni to help unlock unique opportunities for your students. The FDS dashboards, additional email addresses for students, and expansion of the alumni hub help your team engage your alumni.

This spring, you’ll also be able to import multiple email addresses per student account. This will also help make it easier to transition graduation students to alumni, and help reduce duplicate account creation. Read more here for a reminder of how students can link multiple emails to their accounts.

To stay in the know about product updates, please refer to our product announcements and biweekly product newsletters. If you’re not on our newsletter email list, please enable the Handshake Point of Contact role in your account.

Below are additional resources we shared during the session:

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