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Southern University Embeds Handshake into the Institutional Experience

SUBR's plan and successes in making Handshake a part of the curriculum in student courses and experiences.

This article was contributed by Mrs. Tamara Foster-Montgomery, Director of Career Services at Southern University.

The mission of the Southern University Career Services Center is to aid and assist the students and alumni of SUBR in developing, evaluating, and implementing career plans. The Center, in partnership with local and national corporations, also provides opportunities for qualified applicants to secure internships and post-graduate employment. The Center is strategically planning to make Handshake a part of the curriculum in our Freshman Seminar Courses, First Year Experience and Second Year Experience for our students.

One major achievement is the Career Services Center has successfully worked with the Honors College to mandate all of their students within the college to create a Handshake account. The Career Services Center partners with the Honors College each semester. The Honors College provides an enhanced educational experience for students who have a history of strong academic achievement and motivation, and who have demonstrated exceptional creativity or talent.

Within our Honors College, all students must take a course called Honors Colloquia. This is a course that teaches students about professionalism, how to write a resume, the history of the institution, and how to successfully navigate their college experience. Students are introduced to the Career Services Four Year College Plan, a checklist of career-related action items that students can follow to prepare for the workforce.


The SUBR Career Services Center developed four major goals to guide our continued efforts of embedding Handshake into the student institutional experience.

  1. Introduce Handshake at freshmen orientation each semester. Each freshman will receive a Career Services Success box that will include a Handshake/Career Services T-Shirt, Four Year College Plan that includes Handshake information, success tips, and career services information. Collaborate with Student Organizations and Greek Organizations to create freshmen awareness.
  2. Work with Academic Affairs and College Deans to incorporate Handshake in each college and incorporate Handshake into the curriculum as an assignment.
  3. Organize Handshake events in each college to market Handshake and encourage students to claim and activate their Handshake accounts.
  4. Handshake Branding Campaign: Place Handshake signage in each dorm and place yard signs throughout the campus. Place Kiosk in each college specific to Handshake. Create Handshake videos specific to SUBR.

Have more questions? Contact Mrs. Tamara Foster-Montgomery, Director of Career Services at Southern University:

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