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Reimagining Relationships with Gen Z

Explore Gen Z’s perceptions and preferred methods for establishing career-building connections in this three-session summit

Who you know has always been at the heart of the job search, but the new Handshake Network Trends report suggests that early career professionals are more confident than their parents in creating networks from scratch: 8 in 10 agree that it’s now easier to learn about a career they’re interested in and make a wider range of professional connections than was possible in their parents’ generation.

Rather than dwelling on preexisting professional networks as they enter the workforce, digitally-native Gen Z is developing virtual connections to unlock previously unopened doors.

Watch the recording of “Reimagining Relationships with Gen Z” as we explore what these modern-day relationships look like and how employers and higher education institutions can embrace Gen Z’s shifting perceptions on the future of networking.

Featured speakers include:

  • Jonah Stillman, Author and Gen Z Expert
  • Mindy Nennig, University Recruiting Manager at Workday
  • Danny Combs, Senior HR Leader at Procter & Gamble
  • Branden Grimmett, Ed.D, Associate Provost at Loyola Marymount University
  • Michael Ellison, Founder & CEO at
  • Emily Dickens, J.D., Chief Of Staff & Head Of Government Affairs, at SHRM

For more insights, check out the new Handshake Network Trends report.

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