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Handshake Hacks

Leveraging employer collections

Excited about promoting collections and not sure where to start? Here are some tips from we’ve compiled your peers.

Identify employers for collections

  • Leverage First Destination Survey data: who are the top employers represented in your job outcomes data? Consider boosting to “hires from my school” and/or “popular with alumni”
  • Conduct surveys and/or focus groups: ask experts around campus for ideas of employers who stand out for different reasons - these likely include student clubs or organizations, faculty or maybe a broad sampling via a booth at a popular spot on campus
  • Do online research: find curated lists of employers who stand out for different reasons, see example approaches here some partners have taken help with the “invests in diversity” collection. Each year, Handshake awards highly engaged employers with Early Talent Awards- learn more about our criteria here and see the 2023 winners here.
  • Identify highly engaged employers: who has participated in events, fairs and interviews on campus - what do you know and appreciate about them?

Planning your promotion efforts

  • Start to chart out who you are boosting for what collections and when using a template like this example. This can be helpful when delegating and/or coordinating across colleagues and to help you identify when it may be time to swap employers out.
  • Once you are ready, follow these steps to boost employers to collections in Handshake
  • Schedule a follow up time to revisit and update your collections

Share your collections with students

  • Use the Employer Collection snippet in our targeted email tool to share relevant collections with students
  • Make sure students are aware that they can use the “Curated by your school” filter in their job search filters” - you can apply filters to the student job search view, copy over the url and that will bring students to the job search page with those filters already applied!
  • If you use RSS feeds, consider including your employer collections in your set up

Review even more employer collection best practices here!

Level the playing field for your students