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Keys to success for student engagement

Check out these 5 strategies for activating and engaging students in Handshake across the network.

1. Integrate Handshake into the student experience

Work with faculty, staff, and campus partners to share information about your office and Handshake as a resource to support career exploration and outcomes. This can be accomplished via orientation, classroom presentations, faculty sharing on your behalf, and more, as well as homework assignments that include activating and completing your profile or downloading the mobile app.

2. Promote Handshake’s mobile app

Our mobile app is available on iOS and Android, and consistently shows higher and more frequent engagement compared to desktop engagement.

3. Get the most out of Handshake

Drive students to one place for all their career-related needs by hosting events, booking appointments, creating targeted email campaigns, and hosting on-campus employment processes in Handshake.

4. Utilize your career center’s social media accounts

Maintaining a presence on social media can capture students’ attention in a fun way and encourage them to engage with your office and Handshake. Post weekly content highlighting resources, employers, jobs, and features on the platform.

5. Be creative and fun

Launch competitions on campus that include Handshake-related calls to action like downloading the app or completing their profile by a certain date to win a gift card. Additionally, consider installing eye-catching visual displays or pop-ups around campus that entice students to visit your office and engage with their career development (food is always a plus!).

Level the playing field for your students