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Johns Hopkins Business School launches career development course

The eight-week course enrolled 57 students in its first online cohort.

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Career Development Office (CDO) recently launched their third career development course for students. While previous offerings targeted part-time and full-time MBAs, this new course was curated for students pursuing a Master of Science degree. This audience is primarily 5th year, often international students coming directly from undergrad.

Built with support from the Teaching & Learning department, the content for the eight week course was developed and taught by a career coach in CDO. The course was offered online and in person during the spring for 57 enrolled students. In fall 2020, it’ll be offered exclusively online. Students have the option to register and access the career course through Blackboard.

Christy Murray, Assistant Dean for the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School CDO, shares that getting buy in from academic programs and advising leadership is critical for getting these courses off the ground:

“For career courses to be successful, there must first be integration between curricular and co-curricular offerings supported by leadership, faculty, and advisors across academic programs to encourage student participation. Once proof of concept is established through a strong offering (requiring talented career educators which we are fortunate to have on our team) student word of mouth and promotion allows momentum to build from there.”

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