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Job search sentiment from the class of 2023

Learn about the findings from our latest Handshake Network Trends report

The class of 2023 is entering their final year of college with a range of experiences under their belt: a global pandemic, an unprecedented shift to remote instruction (and back again), the Great Resignation, and rising inflation. Given a steady stream of news around a potential recession and a possible contraction in hiring, how will the newest cohort of college jobseekers respond?

Watch this webinar for a panel discussion featuring Handshake's Christine Cruzvergara, Kelli Smith from Binghamton University, and Michelle Van Noy from Rutgers University's Education and Employment Research Center as they unpack the results from our recent survey of the incoming class of 2023—featured in our latest Handshake Network Trends report—on their feelings about the economy, the actions they’re taking to land a job, and their confidence to secure meaningful, well-paying jobs.

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