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Handshake Hacks

How to Talk About Handshake With Students

Communicate the value of Handshake to students consistently, succinctly, and effectively.

The first topic in our series for you career center marketers is foundational: how to explain to students what Handshake does and why they should use it. It might seem straight-forward or intuitive, but the more consistent and relevant the message is, the more students will understand and believe in the value of the tool — most notably, what makes Handshake different than the other resources they are probably using.

As such, we have two essential resources for you. The first is a straightforward messaging overview that will provide you with succinct descriptions of Handshake’s value and pre-packaged answers to some of the most frequently asked questions you might hear from students, such as: Why should I make a Handshake account if I already have a LinkedIn account? Or, Why should I fill out my Handshake profile?

The second is a set of student-facing one-pagers, which we’ve created to communicate: what is Handshake, why should I use Handshake, and how do I use Handshake. We encourage you to distribute these as broadly and extensively across your campus as possible

To-do today

  1. Download and distribute to your team this “cheat sheet” for talking to students about Handshake
    1. Handshake Student FAQ
  2. Download and print these three fliers to circulate around your career center and campus at large:
    1. What is Handshake
    2. How to find a job on Handshake
    3. Why you need Handshake more than other career sites

Just those two quick tasks and you can feel confident that you’re providing students the right information and communicating the value of Handshake effectively.

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