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Product Development

Highlight jobs and employers with custom, curated collections

Utilize our enhanced curation tool to help your students access relevant opportunities while benefiting from your team’s guidance.

Leverage custom collections to:

  • Create custom job and employer collections tailored to your institution, students, and location
  • Define rules that automatically add new, relevant jobs to collections
  • Report on curated collections via analytics

Feature overview (LIVE!)

  • New side navigation and landing page
    • Click the “Collections” side navigation option under “Communicate” to easily find the new Collections landing page
    • Redesigned landing page for employer collections to edit and view all current, active collections
  • Add employers to Collections
    • Add employers to collections using the employer landing page or side sheet
  • Collection page
    • Utilize the individual Collection list page to seamlessly edit collection content

Collections engagement highlights

When compared to jobs posted by employers that have not been added to a collection, curated employer’s jobs receive:

  • 7x Job views
  • 8x Job saves
  • 7x Apply clicks
  • 7x Submitted applications

Coming Soon (Summer 2024)

Create custom collections: Build up to 100 custom collections using language that aligns with your campus and resonates with your students

Jobs and employers together: Highlight both employers and their jobs together in a single collection and leverage job criteria rules to automate your process

Use collections as an internal tool: Make collections visible to staff only by setting them to private

Example collections from our partners to get you started:

  • Career center partnerships
  • Internship program participants
  • Walking distance from campus
  • Career fair attendees
  • Experiences for first years
  • Co-ops for nursing

Additional resources

Want to learn more? Visit our product change log for more details on recent and upcoming updates!

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