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First Destination Survey: Setup and Analysis Best Practices

Review this webinar recording for a demonstration of Handshake's First Destination Survey tool.

Handshake’s First Destination Survey tool makes it easy to configure your survey and promote it to students. Plus, a suite of pre-built dashboards and a one-click NACE report download option make it easy to analyze and share your outcome data.

Watch this webinar recording for a demonstration of the tool, plus a conversation and Q&A with Andrea Koncz, Senior Research Manager at NACE, about data validation and analysis best practices.

For additional context, the NACE First Destination Survey Task Force developed standards and protocols for colleges and universities to use in collecting and reporting graduating student career outcomes data. You can review these standards and also download a copy of the Class of 2022 survey template.

Here are additional resources we shared during the session:

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