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Trends & Insights

Fall 2020 Virtual Fair Benchmark Report

Insights and best practices gathered from more than 2,300 fairs hosted on Handshake

In August 2020, Handshake launched a new way to create meaningful connections between students and employers in a virtual setting. Over the course of a semester, more than 17,500 employers attended virtual career fairs at over 700 schools on Handshake. This report shares the valuable insights and best practices we’ve gathered from more than 2,300 fairs hosted on our platform.

Download the report to learn:

  • What level of engagement to expect from students and employers at a virtual fair and how they compare to in-person fairs
  • Key considerations to think about when strategizing for virtual career fairs
  • Benchmark data for different cohorts (HBCUs, small schools, etc)
  • and more!

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