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Expanding Access: An Executive Conversation on Handshake's 3-Year Vision

Watch this webinar for Handshake's 3-year vision for how Handshake can expand your students' access to opportunity

At Handshake Access 2021, Christine Cruzvergara, Handshake's Chief Education Strategy Officer, shared early details on Handshake's vision for the future—how Handshake can, in collaboration with our education partners, expand your students' access to opportunity and deliver more equitable outcomes. We also shared more details on how that vision will come to life by making employer and job approvals more nuanced, transparent, and safe.

In this webinar, Christine will reiterate our plans by sharing a comprehensive overview of Handshake's vision. This session is intended for executives and/or leadership within the career center and will provide you with the high level details your team needs to be aware of.

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