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Product Development, Webinars

Event Planning Best Practices Webinar

Includes student research, event marketing tactics, and product updates!

Looking to fine-tune your fall event planning to maximize student registration, attendance, and engagement? We encourage everyone who wasn’t able to attend the webinar to review the recording below.

To summarize what was discussed, here are 3 main takeaways that can help drive student event registration this fall:

5 tips to motivate students to attend employer events

  1. Keep events under 1 hour
  2. Maintain event attendance under 20 students
  3. Schedule events between 11am - 2pm
  4. Recommend employees/recruiters cover exclusive content students can’t easily research online (ie. day in the life, insider’s guide to company culture)
  5. Include dedicated Q&A time or breakout rooms after presentations for networking opportunities

3 “R”s to marketing events via email

  1. Right person: Layer on psychographic data (ie. motivation) on top of demographics when determining the target audience of your event
  2. Right message: Construct a cohesive and succinct story starting from the email subject line, to the body copy, and call-to-action (Pro-tip: Keep the body copy short so that the call-to-action button stays higher up in the email)
  3. Right time: Start promoting an event 2 weeks in advance and always send a last chance reminder 1 day before the event

Upcoming event product updates in Handshake

For career services users

Event creation form: Refreshing the UI to make it more intuitive and separating “virtual” as an event medium instead of a type

Final design/copy subject to change

Event list page: Refreshing the UI for a cleaner look and adding new calls to action, including “Bulk Approve” for multiple events

For students

Event search page: Redesigning the page into 2 categories that’ll help students easily find relevant events:
- Employer events: Career fairs, info sessions, etc.
- Career services hosted events: Mock interviews, resume reviews, etc.

Event pages: Refreshing the pages to highlight information that matters the most to students with easily, identifiable search tags and categories

Here are additional resources we shared during the session:

  • Clarification at 5:24 mark: The student event engagement research was conducted with 9 students on a 1:1 basis and also via a survey that went out to over 1000 students (main criteria was that these students had to have attended at least 1 event on Handshake in the last 6 months).
  • Stay up-to-date with product updates by designating "Handshake Point of Contact". Learn more here.

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