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Virtual Career Fairs in Handshake

Join us for an overview of Handshake's virtual fair platform.

Join us for an overview of Handshake's virtual career fair platform. We discuss how career services can use virtual career fair features to facilitate meaningful connections between students and employers, plus share tips and best practices from your peers.


3:47 Overview of virtual fairs in Handshake

10:31 Virtual fair experience for schools, employers, and students

17:30 Q&A

18:20 Can multiple schools host a fair together?

19:26 My biggest concern is students signing up ahead of time and not knowing what to do in the virtual fair. Do you provide resources for that?

23:14 What does the day of the fair look like?

28:25 Do the employers send students the link to their video conference? Do they use whichever platform they like?

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