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Recruiting in the COVID-19 Era: Employer Perspective

How employers are taking action on recent recruiting trends shared by Handshake

Over the last several weeks, Handshake has been leveraging it’s position at the nexus of higher ed, students, and employers to identify and share insights on the impact of COVID-19 on early talent recruiting. These insights are relevant for all three sides of our community. We’ve previously shared our perspective on the most impactful data for higher ed. That said, we know that our higher ed partners also want to understand how employers are adapting to more effectively support the companies recruiting their students.

Even companies in recruiting strategy limbo are eager to adopt virtual solutions in Handshake to continue building relationships with students. Compared to this time last year, we’ve seen a:

  • 257% increase in messages sent through Handshake
  • 237% increase in virtual events
  • 2500% increase in virtual interviews
  • 825% increase in virtual career fairs

To learn how we’re advising employers to adapt to changes in the recruiting landscape, check out our report on Rethinking Early Talent Hiring in the Era of COVID-19:

Report: COVID-19 employer recruiting trends

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