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Announcing this year's award-winning Handshake employers

Help us celebrate top employers launching early careers to new heights on Handshake

What are the Early Talent Awards (ETAs)?

Handshake’s second-annual Early Talent Awards (ETAs) recognize a short list of employers for top-notch talent engagement and celebrate their dedication to expanding access to opportunity. To determine this year’s winners, Handshake reviewed the platform activity of over 550,000 partners against four indicators of a successful early talent program:

  • Gen Z brand resonance
  • Engagement
  • Event participation
  • Relationships

What does this mean for my career center?

We encourage you to explore the winners below, congratulate your employer partners who made the list, and keep them in mind as you plan events and recruitment opportunities during the upcoming academic year. This year’s roster covers more industries and areas of interest than before, and we now have a handful of employers who have been selected two years in a row, which makes the roster a great resource for those guiding students on their job and internship search.


Architecture, Real Estate, & Construction

Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Banking & Financial Services


Energy, Oil, & Gas

Education & Nonprofit

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals



Professional Services

Retail, CPG, & Food

Software & Technology

Transportation & Logistics


Level the playing field for your students