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Additional Student Email Address Office Hours

Watch demo recordings of additional email address and Q&A office hours sessions here!

Education is no longer linear. As students move from one institution to another, or from institution to industry and back again, they have both a continuous reason to use Handshake and an ever-growing amount of experience to give back to other students on the network.

The vision of a portable Handshake account is still a few years off. In the near term, we want to start laying the groundwork. Later this year, we’ll allow students to add additional email addresses (including personal emails) to Handshake and opt to use them to receive communications from your team and from Handshake.

Watch this office hours session to learn more about the update!

September 29, 2021 session

October 14, 2021 session

December 2, 2021 session

Here are additional resources we shared during the session:

  • Join the additional student email beta here.
  • If you’re participating in the beta, share this help article with students to encourage them to add a new email in Handshake.
  • Review the additional student email blog post here.

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